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Rare Bird Album - Track 2


Verse 1
Facing giants in the land
With five smooth stones we’ll take a stand
The Lord’s firmly on our side
And I can see the enemy start to take flight
All fear from this heart is gone
I’ve got courage, conviction, I’m set apart
With the song He’s given to me
He will ambush the enemy

I can hear the sound of the Lion of Judah
I can feel the weight of His glory on me
I can see the fire in His eyes of mercy
The Captain of the Host is rising

Verse 2
Looking across the fields
I can see where the enemy’s stolen and killed
But I cannot be dismayed
He’s not brought me here to be waylaid
An ancient warrior draws near
With a chest full of hope and face so fierce
He looks straight into me
And says, “Son, I’ve given you victory!”

There is no place He hasn’t gone before
He holds the keys; He’s unlocked the doors
He is revealing so much more
To those who are willing, proven,
Asking the Lord
He will set them in battle array
The fearless ones, exuberant in praise
He is placing His boldness in them
To be signs, wonders, champions!