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Today I took another step towards the door
Another step towards the Lord
You know, I’ve had fleeting thoughts
About this before
And I know I can no longer be afraid
My adversary would like to keep
My feet bound to this floor
Held up in my disappointments
But there is this longing in my spirit
To cross into a realm beyond my soul

He’s ready for me to
Rise to the calling
To awake in the dawning
Of this bright, new day
To a release of His glorious presence,
His power and essence
Falling on me

I’m humbled at such a display of mercy
Such a display of kindness
That is leading me
I’m challenged by this outpouring,
Heart-felt devotion
That I've received
I cannot go back to a place of complacency
A place of mediocrity
The place of defeat
Angels draw near to watch and listen
As His glory now glistens
On these nuances of destiny

Reach for the Door
Reach for the Door
Reach for the Lord