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There is a reckoning coming upon this generation
How can we say we will do when we surely don’t?
The Master has crops that are rotting in fields of injustice
While we hide our faces in a lowly place

“Where is the God of my fathers?” screams a coward
Where are the miracles I’ve only heard about?
Oh God will you permit the enemy’s endless plunder?
Will he be allowed to freely come in and go out?

You better get ready
There is thunder on the mountain
You better get ready
I hear trumpets and shouting
You better get ready
For the Glory cloud
You better get ready
He is coming down
Waves of glory surround my being
The train of His presence touches, touches over me

Mighty man of valor, dreamer of bold dreams
Yes it is you I’m seeking today; it’s not your foolish schemes
Might man of valor, “I AM” calls to you
Rise up from the threshing floor; this day is brand new

Mighty man of valor, you’ve mourned too many days
Yes your courage is intact; I’ve seen the fullness of your gaze
Mighty man of valor, the host of heaven’s on your side
Charge swiftly into battle in the power of His might

You better get ready
For an atmosphere change
You better get ready
This whole earth’s gonna shake
You better get ready
I hear the swords being drawn
You better get ready
Here comes the brightness of the dawn
Streams of justice shooting through the sky
I see the scepter of His authority being released to you and I